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Mohammed Ali of “Book For Your Business” is today’s guest on the show, and we discuss the strategies for writing a book without the time and stress that it usually takes. If you’ve been struggling with getting your book out into the world, you’ll want to check this episode out!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 
- The big “ah-ha’s” that Mohammed realized after going to Bali and investing hundreds of hours into finally writing the book that he wanted to complete for a decade
- The importance of structure in the writing process
- How he created a process that allows individuals to write their book in a shorter time frame, without sacrificing the quality of the content
- The importance of creating a clear framework for the book before adding content, and how book writing is mapping out a specific journey
- His team's process, which involves a strong human element and a refined system, which allows them to produce high-quality books very quickly
- How to choose the best title for your book, and when to do it! 




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