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Creating online courses is a strategy that I’ve used many times over the years to build my business, and it is a popular tool for other coaches and online entrepreneurs looking to do the same. Where does someone start to create their very own course though? To answer this question, I’ve invited the founder of Mirasee, Danny Iny, to the podcast. Mirasee specializes in helping entrepreneurs create sustainable, profitable businesses that educate others, and Danny is a highly regarded expert in online education and innovative business training. In this episode, he reveals what you need in order to charge premium rates, the steps to follow to deliver real transformation in your clients, where online course creators are going wrong, and so much more!

Danny is the real deal, and for a limited time only, you can watch his free video series by going to We’re excited to have you check it out, and after watching, let us know the biggest takeaways you got from what Dany has to share!

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