Natural Born Coaches

Imagine handing your clients a perfect digital tool kit and a “yellow brick road” process to follow, within a personalized platform, filled with your coaching and training content. Today’s guest is Patrick Shaw of RapidFunnel, and they’ve done just that by offering brand new ideas that solve old, universal problems in the coaching and training world!

Patrick is a life-long entrepreneur who has successfully built multiple companies and large sales teams. Energetic and inventive, he has a love of philosophy, particularly stoicism and is passionate about our ability as humans to improve our lives by improving our state of mind. In this episode, he reveals more on how RapidFunnel is changing the game in the coaching world, while providing insights on how you can leverage technology and systems in your own coaching business to create recurring revenue and avoid the “time for money” trap!  

If you like what Patrick shares today, we’ll be doing a live training on Thursday, September 20th, 2022, at 2 pm, and you can register now at See you there!