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Darren Carrington is a video impact coach and founder and CEO of “Better Videos, More Clients.” He has had a long career in media, from both sides of the camera and microphone. Originally from the United Kingdom, Darren currently resides in Dubai.

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Aaron Janx is an in-demand Business and Sales Mentor for coaches and consultants around the world in many different industries. He mentors coaches by teaching them lead generation and high-level sales skills to rapidly build a strong six and seven figure practice.

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Lauren Herrera is a love abundance and happiness coach helping men and women in over 100 countries create a more meaningful and loving relationship with themselves, others and their finances. She does so using one-on-one and group coaching, and she hosts the Love Is A Verb podcast.

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Greg Faxon is a business growth coach who helps entrepreneurs unleash their full potential. He is the author of the book, “Don’t Let The Fear Win: How To Get Out Of Your Own Way And Grow Your Business…Fast.”

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In this solo episode, Marc Mawhinney shares some of the ways he’s grown his Facebook group, The Coaching Jungle, to almost 3,000 members in only a year. Marc also discusses some of the important lessons on managing the group that he’s learned along the way. Whether you already have a group or are thinking of starting one, this show will get you on the right track!

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