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Heather Burgett is an award-winning publicist, host of “The Shine Strategy” podcast, and CEO & founder of The Burgett Group and PR Stars. In the past 20 years, she has represented Grammy® and Oscar® winners, authors, billionaires, celebrities, philanthropists, rockstars and top brands. In her online PR Stars Programs, Heather helps spiritually-inspired business owners and creatives shine their unique gifts into the mainstream spotlight so they can get visible and impact the world with their messages.

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Ollie Denyer is on a mission to help more experts (coaches, consultants, online course creators) use advertising so they can grow their businesses, and impact more people!

You can join Ollie for his free Masterclass on November 19th, 2019 @ 2 pm EST by signing up at

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Are you struggling to get the kinds of clients you really want? Does your direction lack clarity? As a High Performance Business Profits Coach, Jeanne Omlor helps small business owners grow vastly profitable businesses that stay true to their vision and mission. If you are really serious about getting your business to Maximum Profits or even if you are on you way there, Jeanne can help you and your company.

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Have you been waiting for things to be just right, or “perfect”, for you to take action on your next big idea? You’re not alone! I’m here to tell you that perfectionism doesn’t exist though, and in this solo episode you’ll hear about what I’m offering to help you beat it, called Coach Sprint! For more information, check out

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