Natural Born Coaches

Coach Micheal Burt is considered "The Super Coach," a unique blend of a former championship coach who has an entrepreneurial mind. Coach Burt began his coaching career at the age of 18 at Woodbury Grammar School before being hired as an assistant at one of the largest high schools in TN (Riverdale) at 19. He quickly rose through the ranks before being named the youngest head coach in TN at one of the largest high schools at the age of 22. Over a nine-year period of being the head coach he won 221 games, produced seven 20+ win seasons, four conference titles, three sub-state appearances, two miss basketball finalists, and the school’s first ever Class AAA state championship. He laid the foundation for the school to go on to win five of the next seven state championships and become the USA today #1 team in the country a few years later.

After four books released and speaking engagements all over the country Coach Burt retired from athletic coaching to build his coaching company of Micheal Burt Enterprises. He now speaks, coaches, trains, and leads some of the top companies in the world. His biggest coaching program has over 150 entrepreneurs and sales professionals enrolled in MONSTER PRODUCER and his new virtual training interactive platform is called "The Monster Growth Academy" which houses over 400 web based interactive lessons for you to absorb on any device anytime.

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Mark Black doesn't just teach resilience; he embodies it. Born with a life-threatening heart defect, Mark underwent two open-heart surgeries before the age of one. Twenty-two years later, he survived a perilous heart and double-lung transplant, In 2005, Mark became the first man in history to run a marathon with someone else’s heart and lungs. Then he did it 3 more times.

The author of Live Life from the Heart, Mark has travelled the globe as an author, speaker and coach, sharing his unbelievable story of perseverance, strategies and tactics with more than 150,000 people across North America.

Mark is also the host of the Level Up Your Life Podcast, where motivated people go to get strategies, tools, and tested tricks to take their work, life, and health to the next level, and in today’s episode he specifically shares his tips and strategies for pivoting in the challenging times that we are facing.

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Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH, is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and CEO of Wholist, a small company built on big dreams and a collection of varied top notch health and wellness experiences and education. They believe in evidence, education, and empowerment for life-changing health transformation. Heather is also an avid educator and hosts the Curate Your Health podcast, and in this episode she reveals how Wholist is breaking the mold of health care!

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Kirby Ingles is a certified professional leadership coach who helps people spearhead an intentional life of growth in 7 areas of their life: professional, finance, relationships, intellectual, health and wellness, spiritual, and social. With a background in the military and human resources, Kirby has had many experiences and he now shares these experiences with the clients that he works with.

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Would you like to learn a unique way of doing joint ventures that can add 5 (or even 6) figures of additional revenue into your business every year? There’s a strategy that I use in my own business to do this, and I’ll be sharing more about it today!

To get my new Flat Fee JV program that I discuss in this episode, go to, and if you purchase before December 31st, 2020 and use the promo code "NBC", you'll receive a $100 discount off of the purchase price!

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Alzay Calhoun is the founder of Coveted Consultant, which helps entrepreneurs scale their consulting company by productizing. Productizing is a strategy that allows expert, serviced-based companies to grow predictably without getting caught up in the flash-in-the-pan, shiny-object strategy of the day. In this episode Alzay shares more about a platform you can start using today to do this – YouTube!

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Entrepreneurs hire Tom Matzen to build 7-figure authority businesses for them fast, because most are so busy wearing all the hats in their business. Most are overwhelmed about how to get it done fast (doing things they don’t love), and frankly are often quite poor at, so Tom and his team help them by doing a complete Run For You service that creates high-ticket programs, finds the ideal clients, and converts them to sales. Tom has started some 82 businesses of his own and he has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over (11 of his businesses grew to 7-figures or more)! More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries. As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents.

You can register today for Tom’s masterclass, happening Tuesday November 24th, 2020 from 1 pm – 4 pm EST at

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Today’s guest first appeared on Natural Born Coaches way back in May 2015, and I’m so excited to have him back on the show today. Steve Chandler is the founder of The Coaching Prosperity School, and author of 30 books including The Prosperous Coach. Last time he was here Steve shared his thoughts on the biggest mistakes made by coaches and how we can overcome them, and today he is focusing on a “forgotten art” in the industry, which is relationship-building!

If you’d like to learn how to get clients using Steve’s relationship system, learn more at!

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For 12 years, Meg Rentschler has been teaching and mentoring professionals who are drawn to the power of the process of coaching. Her belief that coaching is not just a profession, but a way of thinking, being and doing, weaves into everything she teaches. When we approach life with more curiosity, less judgement and a true belief in each person’s unique value, we can make amazing things happen.

The STaR Coach Show originated from Meg’s desire to help coaches learn from those who have walked the path before them, to connect coaches with trusted resources, to support their journey in building and growing businesses, and to challenge them to continually grow in confidence and competence in their skills.

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I’m excited to welcome back Greg (founder) and Ashley (resident coach and trainer) of AttractWell! Today they share some amazing insights for coaches to help navigate challenging times, and as well they reveal the tremendous opportunities that exist for professionals in our industry in 2020 – and beyond! To learn more about how you can truly understand who it is that you help, how it is that you help that person get the result, and more ways to use stories to fill your pipeline, go to!

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Experts Strategist, is the co-founder of GTeX, Forbes and Huffington Post contributor, TEDx speaker, host of the podcast Explode Your Expert Business, author of 3 life-changing books. He is passionate about turning experts into authorities using his signature EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ programs. Every year he speaks in front of more than 5,000 business leaders, which included sharing the stage with Les Brown, Dr John DeMartini, Trent Shelton and many more.

He has also organized over 170 events, including Gary Vee speaking from York Hall boxing ring. Following his passion for making an impact on the younger generation, he also partners with the largest youth organizations in the UK, helping them deliver more effective courses and training.

To register for Simone and Michelle's free training and to learn the top 4 strategies to get known in your niche, happening Thursday October 29th, 2020 at 1 pm EST, go to

Michael Gendler and Tristan de Montebello founded UltraSpeaking in 2017 and have since coached the world's top athletes, creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs to speak more effectively in the moments that matters most. In 2019, Tristan and Michael launched Speak Before You Think!™, a collection of speaking games to help people speaker better in high-stakes scenarios. They do most of their coaching together in Los Angeles, CA.

I’m excited to welcome back Rob Goyette for the third time as a guest on Natural Born Coaches! Rob has been serving the coaching community since 2007, and over that time he’s supported many of the leaders in the coaching niche as well as their coaches. Rob helps coaches and small business owners attract and enroll clients through various programs, including his 15-minute laser coaching model to help you sign up clients for a year or more in advance (without strategy sessions!). This is something that Rob helped me out with, so I’m happy to be bringing him back to share his expertise and strategies with everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about a new coaching model that’s irresistible to clients and coaches (and quickly add coaching revenue into your bank account in as little as 4 days!), get your copy of Rob’s FREE report, Fast Coaching Revenue, at!

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Christy Whitman is the channel for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy & The Council teach classes, meditations and provide private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with their Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success and loving and supportive relationships.

For over fifteen years and before channeling The Council, Christy was a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch.

Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

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Today’s special guests are Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy, or “The Oola Guys”, and they’re here to talk about how they help others find balance and live a life of less stress and greater purpose – the Oola Life (and how they specifically help coaching professionals do this)!

Want to learn how to get coaching leads, results (and get paid!) with Oola? Register for the free training with Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy happening Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at!

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Cheryl Thacker is the founder of Successful Coaches Enterprise LLC, where she partners with Coaches and Entrepreneurs to take structured action to define and scale their business, reach their personal and professional goals and improve health and balance in their life.

Coach Cheryl also runs a not for profit organization called Recovery Nation where she leads a team of coaches and volunteers who help those with addiction and their families, to transition away from the traditional disease-based models of recovery and into health using the Health Based Recovery (HBR™) model. Coach Cheryl is a Master Board Certified Coach and holds several certifications and is PCC Credentialed through the International Coach Federation and BCC Credentialed through the Center for Credentialing and Education. Along with her coaching certifications, Cheryl uses Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I and EQ360) to help her clients become more successful in all areas of life and business.

To learn more about the 6 pillars to master your coaching business, sign up for Cheryl’s free training on Thursday, September 24th (1pm EST) at See you there!

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Ryan Mathie develops passionate coaches to become high-performing ones. He helps them to create committed, high-paying clients so that they can have more freedom and make more impact – on their own terms.

You can learn more from Ryan during his interactive workshop happening September 17th at 1 pm EST. To sign up, go to!

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Anik Singal is an entrepreneur, dreamer, fighter, bestselling author, speaker, teacher and philanthropist. If you would like the proven 5-step influencer formula that you can begin using in your business today, then this is an episode that you are not going to want to miss!

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Tiffany Toombs launched the Blue Lotus Mind Institute in late 2015 to bring together her passions, expertise, experiences and knowledge under one roof. Through Blue Lotus she sets about to fulfil her personal mission: empower men, women and children from around the world to live an intentional life aligned with their deepest truth.

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How would you like to be able to use neuromarketing and digital advertising to give you an unfair advantage on the competition? Ethan Donati is a seminar and events marketing authority, TEDx Speaker and client acquisition specialist, and he’s here to tell you how!

You won’t want to miss this! Ethan’s virtual event is happening Thursday August 27th, 2020 at 6 pm EST – visit to register now!

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Matthew Kimberley helps small businesses sell more and sell with sophistication. He provides strategic counsel to business owners around the what, when and how of running their companies, as well as being a Managing Partner at Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide. Matthew is the author of Get A F*cking Grip (John Blake, 2011) and host the podcast How To Get A Grip Some, as well as the creator of the Delightful Emails course.

If you’d like learn more from Matthew, register at for our free live training Thursday, August 20th, 2020 at 3 pm EST!

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Ana Melikian is the host of the MINDSET ZONE podcast, and CEO of AMAZE Coaching LLC and she believes people can easily achieve success and fulfillment when they put their ducks in a row – meaning mindset, strategies and implementation.

Want Ana’s 5-step process for getting high-value clients on LinkedIn? Reserve your spot for her presentation, Thursday August 13th, 2020 at 12 noon PT and 3 pm ET by going to!

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Aleric Heck started out on YouTube 10 years ago by building the largest app review channel on the platform, AppFind, with over 400k subscribers. He discovered the power of YouTube Ads 5 years ago and ran highly profitable campaigns for dozens of companies all over the world. Now, he helps entrepreneurs & marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to grow & scale their businesses through AdOutreach.

To hear more about how you can scale your coaching business using YouTube Ads, you can register for Aleric’s free webinar taking place on Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at 1 pm EST, by visiting!

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Dan Kuschell is a Dad, Thought Leader, Humanitarian, Angel Investor, and Business Growth Specialist. He started his first company at 22 years old, has owned multiple companies, and has over 22 years of experience helping business grow exponentially.

Dan is the founder of Growth to Freedom™,, creator of Millonaires Mindset®, bestselling author of Bootstrap Business as well as A Champion in the Making: Awaken the Champion Within Your life, Business, and Relationships and more.

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Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC is a master certified coach who works with seasoned coaches to grow their businesses and create the lives they have dreamed of. During Karen's 30+ years in business; her experiences as a university administrator, president of a semi-conductor manufacturing company and estate planner utilized her natural coaching abilities. Karen is the former Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and has trained coaches for six different coach training organizations. Her Book, The Clients You as Seeking are Also Seeking You is an Amazon bestseller.

The Riches Are In The Niches! To register for Karen’s Free Training (Thursday July 23rd at 1 pm EST) visit

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As one of the pioneers in the world of Internet marketing, Robert has remained a leader in the marketing world his entire career. In 1995, after following his curiosity and participating in every training program offered by Tony Robbins at the time, he found himself as the Head Coach and Coaches Trainer for the Anthony Robbins and Associates franchise in Chicago. During the next 2 years, he would personally coach more than 2,000 people face-to-face which allowed him to hone his coaching skills and refine his ability to sell coaching and seminar programs.

After making the move to San Diego, California, Robert focused on coaching business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals, many of whom have reached multiple 7 figure incomes since working with him. He is the author of the best-selling book, “Motivational Marketing (Wiley, 2007),” which he wrote as a manual for understanding marketing from the customer’s emotional perspective.

As a speaker, Robert has shared the stage with many of today’s business leaders and has appeared on national television, radio, and in print in many leading magazines. Today, he is the host of the Coach’s Corner podcast, and works almost exclusively with coaches hosting live web casts, seminars, and on-going training programs that help them have a bigger impact on the clients they serve.

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Krista is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, author and speaker with businesses spanning from debt collection to fitness. She has been named an Emerging Leader for Atlantic Canada (twice), Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada Association of Professional Speaker’s Rising Star and has developed into one of Canada’s leading young entrepreneurs. Krista is focused on providing professional development and training services for businesses, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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Today’s special guest is Dennis Demori, whose specialty is helping clients sell info products and coaching programs WITHOUT the headaches that come with webinars, sales teams and 87-step funnels! Dennis also helps his clients create "gotta get this!" offers that have their subscribers sitting on the edge of their chairs while they whip out their credit cards, as well “plugging the leaks" in their back-end marketing with fun, simple emails to get customers buying again and again.

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Finn Patrick is a business development mentor to ambitious visionaries and innovators looking to add 6 to 7 figures of revenue in the next year, as well as being the author of Back on Track Business.

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Michael Griffiths is the #1 authority on referral marketing training around the globe for service providers. He started the Referral Marketing Guru because he was tired of seeing the dreadful attempts of teaching people how to gets referrals into their business. Anyone can try to teach people about referral marketing, but very few people have built a business on over 400 referral partners with the right processes, systems and structure to make it work for years to come like he has!

Want to generate 10-15 warm, qualified referrals a week into your business? You can get Michael’s free guide on how to implement the 9 accelerators into your business today at!

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Steve Sunshine is the Director of Sales and Marketing at TruVisibility. Their TruCHAT platform is the most powerful and versatile conversational bot platform available, operating as both a chatbot and live chat system that's completely integrated to allow live takeover of chatbot conversations. It features unique multichannel chatbot technology, letting a single chatbot work across all your Web and social media channels as well as on any device, with no changes!

To learn more about TruCHAT, check out Steve’s webinar, "Build A Revolutionary Membership Portal For Your Coaching Business" that is happening Thursday, June 11th, 2020 at 1 pm EST. The link is, and we’d love to see you there!

Shenan Charania works as a Transformative Leadership and Performance coach, pointing his clients to explore their fundamental potential, then helping them live what they discover out in the world in the most creative, effective and sustainable way possible.

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Jane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius® and she is on a mission to inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards reclaiming their time, building more wealth, and creating more impact.

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Miha Matlievski is known as the “Fail Coach”, and he has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business executives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment.

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As a coach, how would you like to generate unlimited leads, send them emails and manage all your Facebook Group members with in-depth data, in a single place? Sheikh Shourav is here to talk about Groupboss, an awesome Chrome extension that does all this (and more), and we’ll be hosting a free live webinar on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 12 pm EST to share how you can start using this tool in your coaching business. To register now, go to!

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Extus is a former sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps and native of St. Lucia, now residing in the U.S. He teaches coaches and consultants how to systemize their client attraction and conversion funnels to bring in more predictable revenue (and better clients). He manages two of the most active and engaged social media communities for coaches, consultants and service providers.

To get one of Extus’best-selling programs, The Coaching & Consulting Income Firestarter (a $997 Value) for FREE, visit!

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Shelly Yorgesen is an executive networking consultant and power-connector who believes your future success is probably hiding in the next person you meet. She’s led live executive networking events for nearly a decade and has taken her expertise in connecting high-level executives and business owners to the online space, creating two virtual networking experiences.

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Tobin Slaven helps entrepreneurs build email lists, conduct conversations at scale, and then monetize those lists. Tobin emphasizes the importance of engaging in a conversation with potential customers and then building a true relationship with them. If you’d like to learn more about all the ways that Tobin does this, you can register for his free training, happening on Friday, April 24th, 2020 at 4 pm EST by visiting!

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Karl Bryan oversees one of World’s fastest growing coaching companies, Leader Publishing Worldwide (LPW), which is in 24 countries - and growing! His passion is helping business coaches succeed at the highest of levels, and his unique ability to think ‘outside the box’ makes Karl a popular speaking figure. His on-stage energy ensures a high energy, rich in content, do not forget your notepad strategic sales and marketing presentation. His interactive marketing sessions where he GUARANTEES to solve any marketing problem ON THE SPOT are a site to behold!

You can register for Karl’s Live Event Mastery happening on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 (1 pm EST) by going to!

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Tommy Baker is a writer, speaker, coach and host of the Resist Average Academy, a top-rated Apple Podcast show designed to give you the knowledge, inspiration and action steps to live a life by design – never by default. Tommy lives for the moment someone gets the spark of what’s possible, and then crafts a plan to bring that vision to life through his mastermind groups, podcast episodes, books, courses and more.

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Meet “Vince Del Monte,” the only Fitness Guru who has been coined The Skinny Guy Savior. Vince has transformed thousands of lives of the skinny, scrawny wimpy individual with a perfect mix of encouragement, humor, no BS, inspiration and fun with his popular best selling “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system.

For coaches, Vince has so much great advice for success in both your professional and personal life, including how to start scaling your business to over 7-figures, the right way!

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Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, is a keynote speaker and business growth strategist who helps six and nearly six-figure coaches, consultants and serviced-based entrepreneurs pray and play bigger so that they leverage and scale their businesses in less time.

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Karen McDermott is the founder of Serenity Press, Making Magic Happen Academy and Everything Publishing Academy. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, multi-genre author of over 20 books, mentor and renowned speaker. Karen is also an advanced Law of Attraction practitioner who teaches people how to attract anything they want into their lives, and her annual retreats are sought after events with featured famous guests.

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For today’s episode I’m excited to be bringing you a conversation with Greg (founder) and Ashley (resident coach and trainer) of AttractWell. AttractWell creates software to help coaches make a bigger impact and live a better life, and they’re hosting a 21-Day Funnel Challenge that you can register for free at!

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Paul Edwards is a professional ghostwriter for faith-based influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. He is the host of the Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast, and in 2019 he wrote the international bestseller, Business Beyond Business.

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Group coaching is one of the best ways to serve more clients in less time. Without the right tools, however, it's easy to get overwhelmed and get lost in the details of managing your coaching groups. Milana Leshinsky is the founder of Group Coaching Genie, a tool that allows you to easily create your group programs and deliver them to clients with a click of a button. With Group Coaching Genie you can spend less time managing your programs and do more of what you love!

Coach Masters are online transformational coaches, who have their own online coaching business that allows them to open up their laptop from anywhere in the world and deliver powerful coaching conversations for their clients, and today you’ll meet the leaders of this movement – Lewis Raymond Taylor and Liam James Collins!

Want to to become fully-booked with clients (even if you're not techy and have no following)? You can sign up for their free webinar, The 6 A’s to Building a 6-Figure Coaching Business! on Thursday February 20th, 2020 at 6pm EST, at!

Today you’ll meet Jennifer Lamprey, who’s building a community of driven, loving truth tellers and helping 400 women make $60k+ in 2020! In this episode you’ll hear all about the amazing correlation between your home life and business, and how a few simple changes can make a BIG impact on the results you’re getting in both areas!

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A past guest of Natural Born Coaches, Rob Goyette has been serving the coaching community since 2007. Over that time, he’s supported many of the leaders in the coaching niche as well as their coaches. Rob helps coaches and small business owners attract and enroll clients through various programs, and in this episode you’ll hear more about the program he’s the most proud of, his 15-minute laser coaching model to help you sign up clients for a year or more in advance (without strategy sessions)!

If you’d like to learn how to quickly add coaching revenue into your bank account in as little as four days, Rob will show you! You can learn more and sign up for his training at

Jonathon Aslay is one of America’s Leading Mid-Life Dating Coach, and his focus has expanded into a deeper, essential philosophy of what it truly means to LOVE.

After losing his 19-year-old son Connor in 2018, Jonathon’s grief led him on a soul-searching inner journey, where he became aware of an often-overlooked dimension of the dating conversation.

He realized that the process of dating reveals the most common emotional health issue faced by many singles seeking a partner: a distressing lack of self-worth, self-regard, and self-love.

Today, he is on a mission of encouraging both men and women to fully love themselves with a new book, “What The Heck Is Self-Love Anyway?“—packed with fun, engaging spiritual and personal growth practices—and his dynamic Mid-Life Love Mastery mentorship program, that inspires hundreds of people daily, around the world.

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Jeanna Gabellini is a Master Business Coach. For over twenty years she's helped entrepreneurs make more money and attract their very best clients with stress-free strategies. Jeanna's genius zone is liberating business owners from the curse of "not enough" and the myth of "hard work pays off."

She is the co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction, along with Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen, & Jack Canfield. Her newest books are 10-Minute Money Makers and Rock Your Profits.

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As the author of a book that was used to influence millions of voters in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election through social media disinformation campaigns (without his knowledge), Sean Webb probably knows the human mind as well as anyone can. From his work in logically modeling human emotions for the world of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, to his real-world practice as an author, speaker and guide to helping individuals supercharge their minds and lives with the knowledge of how their mind works, Sean pushes the bleeding edge of mind sciences to the next level.

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Nicole Bandes, founder and CEO of Virtual A Team, is intensely committed to guiding entrepreneurs and small business owners to find and OWN THE ZONE so they can overcome overwhelm and have more time for what matters most.

Want to know how to tell when it’s finally time to outsource? Nicole is offering a free training on Thursday, January 9th, 2020 at 3 pm EST, and you can grab your spot at!

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