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Today’s special guests are Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy, or “The Oola Guys”, and they’re here to talk about how they help others find balance and live a life of less stress and greater purpose – the Oola Life (and how they specifically help coaching professionals do this)!

Want to learn how to get coaching leads, results (and get paid!) with Oola? Register for the free training with Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy happening Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at!

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Cheryl Thacker is the founder of Successful Coaches Enterprise LLC, where she partners with Coaches and Entrepreneurs to take structured action to define and scale their business, reach their personal and professional goals and improve health and balance in their life.

Coach Cheryl also runs a not for profit organization called Recovery Nation where she leads a team of coaches and volunteers who help those with addiction and their families, to transition away from the traditional disease-based models of recovery and into health using the Health Based Recovery (HBR™) model. Coach Cheryl is a Master Board Certified Coach and holds several certifications and is PCC Credentialed through the International Coach Federation and BCC Credentialed through the Center for Credentialing and Education. Along with her coaching certifications, Cheryl uses Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I and EQ360) to help her clients become more successful in all areas of life and business.

To learn more about the 6 pillars to master your coaching business, sign up for Cheryl’s free training on Thursday, September 24th (1pm EST) at See you there!

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Ryan Mathie develops passionate coaches to become high-performing ones. He helps them to create committed, high-paying clients so that they can have more freedom and make more impact – on their own terms.

You can learn more from Ryan during his interactive workshop happening September 17th at 1 pm EST. To sign up, go to!

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Anik Singal is an entrepreneur, dreamer, fighter, bestselling author, speaker, teacher and philanthropist. If you would like the proven 5-step influencer formula that you can begin using in your business today, then this is an episode that you are not going to want to miss!

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