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I love talking about (and doing!) podcasting, which is why I’ve invited back Jonathan Rivera of The Podcast Factory to share more about the incredible opportunities that podcasting can give coaches today!

As coaches time is our most valuable asset, but how do we free up more of it so that we can enjoy our business and life? Today’s guest is Amanda Hamilton of Hamilton Raye, and she is here to reveal her expertise, tips and strategies around outsourcing, and the solutions they provide professionals in our space!

A question that I hear a lot from coaches is how to generate more demand for their products and services, and when the coach is new to industry or not well known, this can be a difficult thing to navigate. That’s why I wanted to bring today’s guest, AJ Rivera, on the podcast to share his expertise, as he’s been showing B2B, tech, fitness, and wellness companies how generate Insane Demand™ for over 10 years now!

If you’d like to generate Insane Demand™ as well for your service, even if no one has heard of you, you can grab AJ’s 100% free customized marketing blueprint (value of $1,000) now by going to Hurry, this offer is first come, first served for the first 10 Natural Born Coaches Podcast listeners only!

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Today’s guest is someone you’ll be hearing a lot from over the next year, and he’s someone who has something that can really help coaches create or build their brand and business! Larry Yu is the co-founder of Pinnacle Brands, our recommended agency for all your website, branding, and design needs, and he’ll be appearing on the podcast, in my Facebook Group, and wherever I am to help you with building your authority and brand online.

In this episode, Larry reveals the 7 essential keys to high-quality website design, and if you would like to level up and look like a leader in the coaching space, listeners of this podcast get $500 off their first website with Pinnacle Brands (plus some cool bonuses too). Spaces are limited, so to take advantage of Larry’s offer to listeners, visit!

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