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I’m so happy to welcome back today’s guest to Natural Born Coaches! Mimika Cooney is a faith-focused business and mindset coach whose goal is to give you tools to push past the mental blocks and glass ceilings holding you back from clarity and the life and business of your dreams. Mimika has developed a system that trains you to live a successful life without the personal sacrifice or suffering burnout, and in this episode, you’ll also hear about her own personal journey to get to where she is today. So, let’s get ready to master your mind, coaches!

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As a coach, presenting and selling at live events and webinars is something you’ve probably done or are considering doing, and that’s why I wanted today’s guest on the podcast to share his expertise in this area. Steve Werner is the founder of Monetize Your Tribe, which helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and small businesses turn their passion into a full-time lifestyle through webinars, presentations, and events that change lives. In this episode, Steve talks about what selling really is (and isn’t) and he reveals some powerful mindset shifts to help you as you grow your own coaching business.

If you’re planning to do a live event or webinar, and you’re looking for a way to influence your audience and drive sales, Steve is hosting a training on Tuesday, August 30th at 12 pm EST, and we’d love to see you there. Visit to register now!

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Today’s special guest has had an amazing journey in Silicon Valley, and he’s now got a solution for coaches looking to streamline their businesses! Julien Smith is the CEO at Practice, which helps coaches to consolidate clunky, disjointed and annoying systems into one simple place, and in this episode, you’ll hear all about how they do it.

If you like what Julien shares today, you’re not going to want to miss his live training happening Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022, at 4 pm EST. You can register now at We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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In May of 2021 I had a very special guest join me on the podcast, and listeners commented that it was one of the most powerful episodes they’ve heard on the show. That’s why I wanted to bring back Marc Randolph, a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. As co-founder and founding CEO of Netflix, he laid much of the groundwork for a service that’s grown to 150 million subscribers, and fundamentally altered how the world experiences media. This one was too good not to share again, and as always, please let us know what you took from this conversation with an amazing entrepreneur!

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Today I’m doing something that I have not done in almost 8 years of hosting Natural Born Coaches, and that is releasing a “Best Of” episode to highlight one of our most downloaded episodes ever!

Steve Chandler is no stranger to a lot of coaches who listen to this show, as he’s known as “The Godfather of Coaching” and is the author of a ton of amazing books for coaches. I’ve had Steve on the podcast twice before, and in this episode which originally aired in November 2020, Steve shares his thoughts on the forgotten art of relationship-building.

If you didn’t catch it the first time around, or you want to get a refresher, this episode is a good one for all coaches to listen to, no matter where you are in your journey!

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