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Often, I hear how that is too much information and misinformation available online for coaches and business owners. Today’s guest is Paul O’Mahony, someone who in 2009 was dealing with the exact same dilemma and challenges and has learned to “rethink” about business, and show others how to earn consistent online income, accelerate results, and prosper in all areas of life. Paul is the founder of ReThink Academy, a social media expert, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker specializing in digital marketing, mindset, and wealth management. In this episode, he shares with us his insights and the key lessons that he’s learned from his time as an entrepreneur!

If you’re ready to RETHINK Social Media, Paul is hosting a webinar where he shows how in a couple hours a week you can use social media to launch a successful online business. In this webinar, you’ll hear how to cash in on the biggest business opportunity of all time, the way to get started making money online without any products or business experience, how to scale your business if you already have one, and so much more. You can register now at, and this is something you’re not going to want to miss!

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As a coach (or any business owner!) referrals can be a powerful tool that many of us often underestimate. Today’s guest is Virginia Muzquiz, whose mission is to change business results through more connections and referrals. Virginia has been called The Referral Diva® by those who work with her, and I’m excited for you to hear what she reveals today about getting referrals and growing your coaching business! 

Want to learn more from Virginia and turn your network into a referral-generating machine? You can register for her bootcamp, happening Monday, October 24th, Wednesday, October 26th and Friday, October 28th, by going to We can’t wait to see you, and if you can’t attend the bootcamp live, replays will be available! 

In my years in the online space, I’ve tried a lot of things to build and grow my coaching business. During this time, I’ve seen what’s worked for me, and it’s what I call the “Triple Punch.” In this episode, you’ll hear more about the three main things that I focus on and use to consistently deliver my message to my target audience and work with my dream clients, and I’ll share a way that you can get hands-on support from me to help you do the same! 

I currently have several openings to work 1:1 with motivated coaches who are serious about building a successful business! I’ll partner with you to create something that doesn't need complicated funnels, or a bunch of money spent on ads, and instead focuses on three big things that I have almost a decade of experience in: podcasting, community-building, and daily emails! Stop wasting time and money trying to guess how to get coaching clients - there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Interested? Go to for more details! 

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Today’s guest was previously on the show back in 2017, and he’s returning to share his expertise on how to grow your email list in 2022, and why you need to! Ray Wood is a real estate funnel specialist, marketing specialist, best-selling author, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. His area of expertise is working with real estate professionals to boost results and grow their personal brand and income via proven real estate funnels that attract, nurture and convert new contacts to listings and sales.

If you like what Ray shares today, regardless of the industry you are in, you’re going to want to read his new book, Real Estate Funnels: How to grow and build an outrageously successful pipeline of leads listings and sales!, which is available now!

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Story-powered content captivates prospects and inspires them to act. Most coaches, consultants, and other experts dish out the same old boring content, put prospects to sleep, and then feel stuck and frustrated. Today’s special guest is Tom Ruwitch, and he teaches how to fire up prospects and inspire them to hire you with story-powered content, that’s simple to create!

To hear more about why storytellers sell more and have more fun doing it, register for Tom’s free training! It’s happening on Tuesday, October 11th at 12 pm EST, and you can grab your spot now at See you there, coaches!

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