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Today’s episode was inspired by the December issue of my Secret Coach newsletter that I’m currently writing. Every December, I like to give a year-end review where I share what happened the previous 12 months in my business. I look at the good, the bad, the ugly, what I’m looking to change in the new year, the trends I’m seeing in the coaching industry, and more. In that issue, I also include a list of the top 10 books that I read in the year, and for the first time, I wanted to give a sneak peek on the podcast of three of these top books. Most coaches I know, and myself included, are big readers, so I hope you enjoy these recommendations!

To get the December 2022 issue of Secret Coach Club and the full list of books all coaches should read (plus a whole lot more!) the deadline is this coming Sunday, December 4th, 2022, at midnight EST. The link is, and I’m looking forward to hearing what books have impacted you the most!

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