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Since she was already coaching people in her previous network marketing business, Caryn FitzGerald decided to start her own coaching practice and has made a successful career spanning over 25 years! 

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Mark Edward Brown used the skills acquired from 25 years in the US Army to become a successful coach - while targeting a more general market as opposed to a smaller niche. He shares the lessons from his career, and a surprising branding secret regarding his name! 

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Slavica Bogdanov is a coach and best-selling author of over 25 personal development books, including her latest release; "Bankrupt to Wealthy" which was published this Fall. She's coached all over the world, and has been able to find success despite the different clients and cultures! 

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David Cohen coaches a specific type of client - Baby Boomers - to help them start a business or improve their current one.  He also interviewed over 1500 people on his radio show, "Small Business, Big Ideas", speaking with legendary guests like the late Dr.Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Michael Gerber.

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After a rocky start of dead end jobs and failed college courses, Nicola Cairncross turned things around in a big way to become a successful coach, speaker, and best-selling author.  The founder of "The Money Gym" and "The Business Success Factory" (podcast), Nicola provides coaching and marketing support to entrepreneurs around the globe.

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T.Allen Hanes used his 20 years of experience in the US Navy to help him start a business that lets coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs claim their authority and dominate whatever niche they're in! 

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Aroaa Jaeger was on a path for a singing and acting career in Hollywood when a life-altering moment in the Austrian Alps changed all of that!  She left the life of Hollywood, and for over 20 years has used her gifts to help others.

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Terry Allen has worn many different hats in his life, but one thing was always there - his love of personal development, which led him to coach others.  He uses his passion to help people create stronger bodies and minds! 

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Justin Stratton took the leap from Iowa to become a coach in New York City!  Known as "The Awesomeness Coach", Justin works with creative leaders across multiple industries while injecting fun into his coaching practice.  

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Brandon Marshall overcame awkwardness as a youth and embarked on a journey of self-improvement to learn about the opposite sex.  He began coaching other men to help them grow their confidence levels and become men of excellence as well! 

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Lisa Crilley Mallis took the jump from high school education to coaching, and hasn't looked back!  She combines her experience in education with a love of schedules and time management to help her clients become more productive. 

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For over 30 years, Bob Prentice has been positively impacting the lives of others. Known as "Mr.Attitude", he has built a successful coaching business that generates consistent referrals and has spanned over three decades, despite living in a town with just 170 residents! 

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Melissa Krivachek is an award-winning coach and President of Briella Arion.  She is a best-selling author of three books, including her latest release; "Bold! Helping YOU Unleash the Hero Within".  She's a no-nonsense, results-oriented coach who has achieved impressive results in the coaching industry in a relatively short amount of time.

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Hugh Liddle is the CEO and "Sales Wizard" at Red Cap Sales Coaching, where he uses almost 50 years of sales experience to help entrepreneurs (many of them coaches) increase their sales using a unique method of relationship-based selling.  He is a coach, speaker, radio talk show host and the author of "Take The Icky and Scary Out of Sales"

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Natural Born Coaches is the daily podcast for your coaching business!  In this introduction, host Marc Mawhinney explains why he started a podcast to help people have more successful coaching businesses, and gives a previews of what listeners will get with each episode! 

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