Natural Born Coaches

Wendy Nolin helps people perform better, and her coaching programs have evolved over the years to achieve this.  She stops by the podcast to talk about that evolution, and to give coaches her advice for growing their businesses! 

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Aaron Walker took the experience he gained from decades of entrepreneurial success and put it into his coaching business, to help others improve their lives!

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Glen Ramsay is the founder of Inspire Nexus, a "Social Inspiration Network".  He stops by the podcast on its launch day to talk more about what it does for coaches! 

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Jasper Ribbers coaches people on how to use Airbnb to free up extra income to do things like travel the world.  With the help of his book ("Get Paid For Your Pad") and his blog ("The Travelling Dutchman"), Jasper is on a mission to help people get the freedom that they desire for their lives! 

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Adria DeCorte is a healthy living strategist who helps female entrepreneurs with their meal planning to get the energy that they need to change the world. Besides her coaching, she hosts the weekly podcast "Feed Your Hustle" and has spoken at TEDx.

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Andy Clark is a man on a mission to help lawyers achieve better balance in their hectic lives.  As "The Wellness Lawyer", he coaches and speaks on the subject, and he shows us how he's building a coaching business in this unique niche! 

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Laura Linden is a business success and leadership coach who works with women who want more peace in their businesses and their lives! 

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Iman Aghay is the founder of Success Road Academy, the largest information marketing training centre in Canada.  He arrived in the country in 2009 not knowing much English, with no network or job, and he used hard work to achieve success.  He shares some of the things that he's learned along his journey! 

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Brad Raney is the author of "Reach Your Peak" and a coach, speaker, and founder of "Personal Performance Partnership".  He's used his 30+ years of experience in live television and radio to grow his business, and shares strategies for how coaches can get more clients. 

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Kelly McCausey jumped into the world of solopreneurship as a way to get out of a financial bind many years ago.  She found success online, and now helps others with her coaching and as the host of the "SoloSmarts" podcast! 

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Bishal Sarkar is known as "Mr.Practical" and is one of India's leading coaches of public speaking.  He's released almost 1000 videos to help people increase their confidence through speaking, and shares his knowledge with Coach Nation!

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Angie Swartz has one mission - to help people find their purpose in life.  She does this with her coaching programs and as the host of the show, "The Life Purpose Advisor Podcast"!

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Robert Coorey is the Best-Selling author of the mega-popular book, "Feed A Starving Crowd" and a reality TV pilot host.  He's been called "one of the most influential online marketers across the globe" by The Huffington Post, and shares tons of valuable advice for Coach Nation in this interview! 

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Gloria Kamil is a health and fitness transformationist who has been helping people with their health and fitness for over 25 years.  At 59 years old, she's showing no signs of slowing down! 

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Mike Hrostoski is "The Men's Coach" and on a mission to improve the lives of men around the world.  He stops by the podcast to share why he has this passion, and to talk about his new program, "The School For Men"!

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Fiona Fine is the author of "Babe In Total Control of Herself" and a coach who isn't afraid to use polarization to get clients! 

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Roman Ivanov was born in Latvia and has lived in a number of places around the world before settling in London.  He planned to go into engineering, but his life took a turn towards coaching after he got interested in personal development. 

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Alex Barker is a mastermind expert who helps people create those types of groups.  He shares with Coach Nation how you can start your own mastermind, and how to get the most out of it!

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Tamara Hartley is the "How-To Coach" and has served as an opening speaker for Les Brown.  She inspires others with her coaching and her writing, which includes advice columns and her book, "Been There, Done That, Wrote the Book About It"! 

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John Lee Dumas is the host of the popular podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, and stops by to celebrate our 200th episode by sharing his advice for coaches! 

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Katrina Schenfield had a bad skin condition when she was younger, and that motivated her to come up with her own solution to the problem.  It worked so well that it led her to offering it to the public with the creation of Katixon Skincare, and to her sharing her story to inspire others.

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Anthony Metivier is a memory expert who has helped hundreds of thousands of people with his "Magnetic Memory Method".  He shares how he discovered the system, and the way he's building his coaching business in this interesting niche! 

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Heather Sayers Lehman has battled numerous challenges including a difficult childhood, financial loss and PTSD. She uses the strength that she learned from those battles as she motivates others with her coaching business ("Busy As a Mother")!

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