Natural Born Coaches

Dave Gould is a master thought painter and thought artist quickly rising in the ranks of social entrepreneurs. He uses innovative thinking and brings progressive ideas and new business models to the world. His latest is the book, “The Essential Wisdom”, which focuses on personal development and soul transformation.

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Christopher Duncan is the number one freedom authority and best-selling author. His main objective in life is to show people to free their mind, time and income so they can do what matters most.

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Richard Perry is an empowerment coach who focuses on helping business owners, emerging leaders, and high performers who want to excel in their chosen field. His is the creator of The Path of Me, as well as a co-founder of Vortex Mastermind, with Larunce Pipkin.

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Joanie Connell is an organizational consultant and leadership coach who specializes in maximizing leadership potential. She works with companies to attract, develop and retain top talents. She also works with individuals to improve their success and happiness in their careers, especially the Millennials and the younger generations.

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Mike Wolf is an international speaker, author and mentor who’s been investing in real estate for over 23 years. He helps people realize their dreams of a lifestyle of freedom, by teaching strategies to achieve passive income.


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Jen MacQuarrie is a habits success coach who is passionate about helping clients replace self-sabotaging habits with smarter ones. Her flagship program is “Upgrade Your Habits, Upgrade Your Life”, and she has a Facebook group which promotes her 5 AM Wakeup Challenge.


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Leslie Sann is a mentor, teacher and coach. She founded "Living by Design", which focuses on training and development of individuals and groups in the art of successful living.


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Odette Laurie is a professional speaker, author, and business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make serious money in their business and create the life they truly desire!


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Koy McDermott is a motivational speaker and host of the weekly podcast, “Leaders Inspiring Leaders”, which gives influential entrepreneurial leaders a platform to tell their stories.

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Orsolya Bartalis is a success coach who helps people break through their mindset and money blockages.  She specializes in three areas of critical importance: winning mindset, wealth habits, and success coaching.



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Michael Bloom shows how coaches can use webinars to explode their businesses, and talks about his upcoming "Webinar Mastery Summit"!


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Carolin Soldo is an online business and marketing coach who has built several successful businesses. She works with individuals who have a deep desire to make a difference and helps them monetize their passion.

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Joan Sotkin knows how to create prosperity from the inside-out. Her dynamic personality and holistic approach to creating a healthy financial foundation have made her a sought-after prosperity guide, speaker, and workshop leader.


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Olivia Charlet is a business & mindset coach based in London. She works with brand new women entrepreneurs using what is called Deep (Vertical) Coaching.


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Sherold Barr is a master coach, mindset expert and a two-time 6-figure entrepreneur. She helps other entrepreneurs build consistent top-level income by doing work they are compassionate about. This way they can thrive and make a difference in the world!

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Jo Casey is a coach, mentor and resilience expert who helps coaches develop their resilience and manage stress through mentoring and business building support.


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Alexander Dunlop searched everywhere for the meaning of life, and found it in a surprising place!  He uses a unique method for coaching, and explains what "The Book of Life" is.

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Through her executive coaching and leadership development, Susan Inouye has helped businesses and individuals create lasting change.  She opens up and shares her experiences from a long career in the coaching world!

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Bob Wilson has over 25 years of experience helping people grow and achieve more. He focuses on helping businesses be more productive & less stressed and his training centers around effective communication.

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Lisa and Lucho Crisalle are coaches in the health, fitness and wellness industry. They work with business owners to help them add a custom nutrition system to their businesses, and teach them how to monetize those systems.


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Todd Herman is the creator of the “The 90 Day Year” program and host of the Grit ‘N’ Hustle podcast. He helps improve the confidence and performance of athletes and entrepreneurs from around the world!

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