Natural Born Coaches

Tanner Gers is a professional athlete, author, consultant and speaker. He shares his motivational story with authors of going from tragedy to triumph after a horrific accident. He’s also a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and the founder of ABSolutely Lean, whose mission is to enable all men and women to achieve their goals in health, body composition and athletic performance.

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Thor Conklin has been an entrepreneur for 16 years. He has an awesome podcast called Peak Performers, and he is a business owner, author, and executive coach.

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Carly Evans uses the Law of Attraction and other powerful transformational tools, including Reiki, to transform her own life and help others achieve their true potential.

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Asha Mankowska MA., Esq. is recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top business coaches in America. She works with stressed-out professionals, full-time mothers, students or business owners who feel trapped and stuck in jobs, business situations or toxic relationships that are destroying their life and killing their confidence.

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