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James I. Bond is one of America's leading "behavioral management" specialists, and he helps give coaches a competitive advantage in how to get things done in all areas of their lives, from collaboration and decision-making, to personal and professional goal achievement, to balancing their personal and professional life.

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As Halloween approaches, Marc shares the biggest fears that coaches have - and how to get past them!

Want more coaching clients? Put the power of daily emails to work for you! Visit for more details! 

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Want to work on your terms? Stephen Warley is a self-employment and self-management coach who teaches you how to own yourself.

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Jennifer Dawn is the creator of the Best Planner Ever, and as a busy wife, mother of 3, and successful business coach she’s mentored thousands of business owners and professionals on how to “keep track of it all” without losing their sanity and souls in the process.

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Marc talks about the power of emailing your list daily, and gives details about his "Daily Email System"!

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