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Jane Sagalovich is the founder of Scale Your Genius® and she is on a mission to inspire and guide coaches, experts, and consultants towards reclaiming their time, building more wealth, and creating more impact.

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Miha Matlievski is known as the “Fail Coach”, and he has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business executives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment.

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As a coach, how would you like to generate unlimited leads, send them emails and manage all your Facebook Group members with in-depth data, in a single place? Sheikh Shourav is here to talk about Groupboss, an awesome Chrome extension that does all this (and more), and we’ll be hosting a free live webinar on Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 12 pm EST to share how you can start using this tool in your coaching business. To register now, go to!

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Extus is a former sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps and native of St. Lucia, now residing in the U.S. He teaches coaches and consultants how to systemize their client attraction and conversion funnels to bring in more predictable revenue (and better clients). He manages two of the most active and engaged social media communities for coaches, consultants and service providers.

To get one of Extus’best-selling programs, The Coaching & Consulting Income Firestarter (a $997 Value) for FREE, visit!

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