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In today’s special episode I’m talking with Colin Dingelstad, the founder of the Facebook Group, The Coaching Nation! Colin reveals their new age marketing approach to help coaches scale beyond $10k/month, and best of all, he shares how coaches can turn their business into something that is fully automated. You can join The Coaching Nation at, and watch for more exciting stuff from Colin soon in my Facebook Group, The Coaching Jungle. If you’re not a member yet, we’d love to see have you and you can join at!

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David Newman is the founder of Do It! Marketing, a Certified Speaking Professional and a member of the NSA Million Dollar Speaking Group. He is the author of the business bestseller Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking. David helps executives and entrepreneurs master speaking as the ultimate marketing tool, personal brand builder and 1-to-many sales platform.

To learn more strategies from David about how to become a trusted advisor to high-free VIP clients, join his FREE masterclass happening Tuesday, April 27th. 2021 at 2 pm EST. The link to register is See you there!

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If you’re a coach, consultant or authority, we all know that word of mouth is the best way to get a referral. Joint ventures and strategic alliances can accelerate the referral process, which is why I’ve invited back an expert guest (and a partner of mine!) Tom Matzen to share his wisdom on this subject. Today Tom reveals the 7 key questions you need to ask yourself, and others, to avoid getting burned when partnering with someone. He even has amazing free resources to share which are sure to help you avoid potential pitfalls!

If you’d like Tom’s 8 FREE Legal Templates for Doing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, all you have to do is go to!

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Maayan Gordon has 10+ Years in Digital Marketing, Founder of 4 successful businesses, 750+ million video views, and 2+ million followers on social media. She is focused on value creation, unique marketing methods, communications and sales. Above all Maayan believes in the power of influence through communication, and the power of belief in oneself and the significance each of us has to make an impact and change the world in a positive and profound way. In this episode, Maayan shares her tips and strategies for TikTok, and the ways you can use this powerful platform to massively grow your reach, impact and ultimately, your coaching business!

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