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Over the years, I’ve interviewed and connected with a lot of coaches who are in interesting niches - and today’s episode is another great example of this. Imagine having the power to change people's dating and love lives, powerfully and permanently! Adam Lyons and Adam Gilad of TIDRI® (The International Dating & Relationship Institute®) are here to share how their Certified Graduates create the fastest results for daters and enjoy their proven and tested marketing strategies to quickly build thriving Dating Coaching Businesses.

If you’d like to become a first-rate dating coach, they’re hosting a free live training on Thursday, July 1st, 2021. To reserve your spot now, go to!

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Adventure seekers and business entrepreneurs, Renata and Matteo are co-founders of The MindBug. Their mission is to be inspiring mentors empowering others to be motivated to create new opportunities so that they can take the leap of faith and go for glory! In this episode, they reveal the biggest obstacles that are holding course creators back and preventing them from helping their ideal customers succeed!

If you’re a course creator looking to overcome obstacles, Renata and Matteo are hosting a 5-Day Course Creators Challenge from June 22nd to June 27th, 2021. Go to to grab your spot now!

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Today’s guests help experts and thought leaders grow their impact, influence, and income through their online training, coaching, and events. I’m excited to be speaking with Lucas Garvin and Jim Hohl of Thought Leaders Institute, as they answer the age-old question in the coaching world of how to scale your business…without losing your soul!

You’re not going to want to miss Lucas and Jim’s FREE Training on Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 at 1pm EST! You can register now at, and please note that there will be no replay available. See you there!

Mike Hartman is the owner and founder of the Hartman.Academy, and a former professional athlete who overcame the odds and fought his way through many hardships. Mike didn’t just make it to the NHL, but he has been a part of championship teams at every level in his 17-year professional career. He has also worked with Team USA to help America’s athletes reach the pinnacle of their sport.

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