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I’ve had the opportunity to witness how effective today’s guest is at getting engagement on social media, and I wanted to have him on the podcast to share how he does it with you! Mike Wayne is the CEO and founder of FunnelStreams, and he helps coaches and consultants brand, market and sell better on the Internet. I just know that there’s something Mike will share in this episode that will help you in getting more engagement on social media, and a result, more business!

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One of the things that I like about most about doing this podcast is that I get the opportunity to speak with coaches who are operating in unique niches. Today’s episode is no exception, as you’ll meet Libby Rothschild - CEO, and founder of the Dietitian Boss Method ™, which has supported over 1,000 dietitians to attract clients in their private practices!

Erik Luhrs is a C-Suite Psychic Success Coach™ who uses peak performance psychology, growth strategies and functional psychic skills to help leaders unleash the outrageous growth potential trapped within their business and themselves. Coaching and leadership go hand in hand, which is why I wanted to bring Erik on the show to share his expertise in this area!
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What should my niche be? That’s a question that I hear a lot of coaches asking! Niching down is a solid strategy to help you narrow in on your target market of ideal clients that you want to work with and help, but how do you do it? In this episode, I dive deeper into the topic of niching and share my best tips and strategies to help you gain more clarity on this subject!

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