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The online coaching space has changed in the last few years, and there are new challenges when it comes to selling your offers. In this episode, Marc explains this shift and gives three ways to get your sales going again, along with a case study from his own business! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

- The big secret that coaches are only talking about behind closed doors

- The main reasons why coaching has become a tougher sell in today’s online landscape 

- Three things you can do today to bust out of a sales slump and get your PayPal notifications dinging!

Why relying solely on high ticket offers is dangerous in 2024

  A case study of a new offer that Marc just launched, using the lessons he shares in this episode!

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Mohammed Ali of “Book For Your Business” is today’s guest on the show, and we discuss the strategies for writing a book without the time and stress that it usually takes. If you’ve been struggling with getting your book out into the world, you’ll want to check this episode out!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 
- The big “ah-ha’s” that Mohammed realized after going to Bali and investing hundreds of hours into finally writing the book that he wanted to complete for a decade
- The importance of structure in the writing process
- How he created a process that allows individuals to write their book in a shorter time frame, without sacrificing the quality of the content
- The importance of creating a clear framework for the book before adding content, and how book writing is mapping out a specific journey
- His team's process, which involves a strong human element and a refined system, which allows them to produce high-quality books very quickly
- How to choose the best title for your book, and when to do it! 




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Kae Wagner, founder of North Star Marketing, is a personal branding specialist and she’s here to debunk big myths that are floating around about personal branding! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What is “personal branding”?
  • Why personal branding is more than just a logo
  •            Is it better for a coach to brand with their personal name, or a company one?
  •           Tackling the big myths around personal branding, and how you should think about each instead
  •  -  A sneak peek at Kae’s upcoming live branding webinar!
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Taylor Proctor is coach, consultant, and the host of the “Get Good At Business” podcast. In this episode, we talk about the importance of intuition in the business world and the role that it plays in the “IMOVE” method that she uses! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 

  • Taylor’s background working in corporate environments such as Google and Stanford University
  • Her shift from transformational happiness mentoring to business coaching, and her decision to leave the corporate world to focus on her coaching full-time- What the “IMOVE” method is
  • The importance of using templates and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in streamlining business operations and scaling effectively
  • How intuition can guide businesses towards successful marketing strategies and help avoid burnout
  •      -  Why marketing is a long-term process rather than a quick fix! 


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