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Tom Morkes helps people create, market, and launch 5 and 6-figure digital products (from books and courses, to service-based platforms, and more)!

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Lin Eleoff is an Internet business lawyer whose mission is to show business owners and coaches how to cover their assets online, without having to spend a fortune on legal fees. She is the founder of

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David Barnett is the author of Invest Local, Franchise Warnings, and How to Sell My Own Business and he has an extensive background in business brokerage and consulting.

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Joe Sanok is a speaker, mental health counselor, business consultant and host of Practice of the Practice Podcast.

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Shaz Alidina is an Internationally Certified Life Coach who is an expert at taking high achievers to the greatest level of thriving and inner peace. She is based in Dubai and works with an extensive range of individuals and groups globally including successful women, homemakers, celebrities and other leaders. Her clients want to achieve success as well as have a balanced and fulfilled life, which is identified as conscious self-mastery.

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