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Aleric Heck is the leading expert in YouTube ads and video marketing, and in this episode he discusses the changes happening in the YouTube ads world like the shift from content-based targeting to audience targeting … if you want to get better results from YouTube don’t miss this interview!
What You’ll Hear In This Episode:
- The recent changes in YouTube ads and how businesses can profit from them
- The ideal length for YouTube ads to ensure they deliver maximum ROI 
- The “Alpha AI” targeting strategy, and what it is 
- The importance of compliance, and why you shouldn’t make overly flashy and unrealistic guarantees 
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If you’re struggling with coming up with a clear coaching offer, check out this episode since I’m sharing my strategies for creating compelling offers that you feel good about selling!


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  •  Why you should be creating fewer, not more, offers!
  • The type of offer you should focus on in the early stages (and what you should stay away from)
  • The importance of identifying the results people will get from your program
  • The problem with overstuffing your offer
  • 3 tips to dramatically increase the number of sales for your offer
  •  A sneak peak at the upcoming offers workshop on March 26th!
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Tanner Gers returns to the podcast today to share how he’s making it easier for people with disabilities to gain employment, and to talk about how he turned a tragic accident in 2004 into a positive experience to help others! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

-    The event that changed Tanners’ life, and how it led to a desire to help disabled people.
-    Why he started AccessAbility Officer, and why its mission is so important
-    His experiences competing in the Paralympics, and being inducted to the National Beep Baseball Association (blind baseball) Hall of Fame 
-    The best tech tools for disabled people
-    Tips to make your websites accessible for all visitors! 

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Sean Tinney, Director of Demand Generation for Aweber, is on the show today to share how to grow your email list organically … if you’re struggling with getting more subscribers on your list, you won’t want to miss this one! 

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

-    The importance of email marketing for coaches, and why Marc has chosen to use Aweber as his email service provider for a decade

-    The best way to use lead magnets to add subscribers to your email list

-    How to tailor your lead magnets to specific niches, and strong calls-to-action to include in those lead magnets 

-    Often-neglected tips and tricks that most entrepreneurs forget about with their email opt-in efforts

-    A discussion on the recent changes to Gmail and other platforms that could affect your email deliverability

-    A sneak peek at Aweber’s upcoming live training, where attendees will receive a free gift: "24/7 Email Marketing Masterclass" ($149 value)! 

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