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Today’s special guest is Candy Motzek, a passionate life and business coach for coaches. Having worked with small businesses (and building 9 successful businesses herself over the past 20 years!), Candy is here to share her expertise and talk specifically about the common pitfalls holding new coaches back!

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How does having consistent $10,000 months as a coach and consultant sound, without webinars, seminars, funnels, or paid ads (and even if you don’t have a list, an audience of a product)? Today I’m joined by Tom Krol of Coaching Inc., who is here to share specifically how to grow your coaching business right now by closing 10 high-ticket clients…in just 28 days!  

If you like what Tom shares in this episode, then you’re not going to want to miss more of his strategies for closing high-ticket clients that he’ll be sharing on his upcoming webinar, happening Wednesday, May 31st, 2023, at 10 am EST! As you’ll hear, selling doesn’t have to be complicated, and Tom will show you how to do it in this training. You can grab your spot and register now at, and we can’t wait to see you there

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Today’s guest has cracked the code on how coaches and online entrepreneurs can transfer value to their clients – all in two minutes or less! Itay Paz is the Founder and CEO of Morning Dough and a digital marketing veteran, and in this episode, he specifically shares his expertise and experience with daily email newsletters. As well, he reveals his thoughts on both online and in-person events, which is something I see coaches asking about often. You’re not going to want to miss what Itay shares in this one!


As a coach you’ve probably heard that the market we’re in is saturated right now, and maybe you’ve wondered how you can begin turning people you don’t even know into paying clients? Today’s guest has a wealth of information on this topic, so I’m excited to introduce you to Elena Daccus! 

Elena is serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO with over 20 years of mergers and acquisitions experience. She has bought and sold over 50 companies worth over $10 Billion and opened the lids to hundreds of businesses. She knows what works and what does not, what sell and what does not. She is the international speaker, coach and a go- to expert for the world's top founders, CEOs and experts to scale their business to the next level. 

Let us know your biggest takeaways from this episode, and don’t forget to DM “CEO” to Elena on Instagram, @bossyheelsclub, for a free 3-part mini-training that goes deeper on how you can start turning strangers to clients in just 45 minutes!  

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With more than a decade of experience in info marketing and online education, today’s guest has worn just about every hat you can imagine, from customer support to doing multi-million-dollar launches, and she knows a thing or two about what it takes to activate a brand! In this episode, Felicia Pagesh gives her insight and what she’s learned from her time marketing and selling products and services in the online space. Any coach can benefit from what Felicia shares in our conversation, and I’m excited to bring her to you today!  

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