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Since 2015, this guest has been focusing on helping coaches with the legal steps of building up their practices, and Valerie Del Grosso is back on this podcast today for the third time to share her expertise with us. In this episode, Valerie reveals how the legal landscape for coaches has changed over the last few years, and she gives her advice on how to protect yourself AND serve your clients in the best way that you can!

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Today’s guest solves hard hiring problems, and I’m excited to be speaking with Fletcher Wimbush, who’s an expert on hiring, leadership, team building, human resources and people management. In this episode, Fletcher specifically talks about a valuable tool that’s talked about often in the coaching world called DISC Assessments, and Fletcher is here to share more what they are and why coaches should be using them in their businesses right now!

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Are you looking to connect with high-end clients and sell high-ticket offers to that group of buyers? Today’s guest is Ann Carden, strategic business growth expert and best-selling author, and she is here to share her expertise and strategies for scaling your coaching business in a BIG way!

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In this solo episode, I’m chatting about something near and dear to my heart, and that is flat fee joint ventures! I have mentioned it on the podcast before as it’s something that I’ve been offering in my business for many years now, but I wanted to go deeper into why I love this model so much, the benefits that it gives both partners, and something that I’ve just launched that could be of interest to you!  

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If you feel like you haven’t yet cracked the code for LinkedIn and figured out how to make the platform generate more sales, then this is a conversation that you’ll want to hear! In this episode, I’m joined by Will va der Sanden and Giles Garnett of Dux-Soup, the #1 LinkedIn automation tool, and they share how you can be using LinkedIn, and Dux-Soup, in your coaching business right now! 

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