Natural Born Coaches

Benjamin Tyler is the founder of Client Enrollment Academy. He helps coaches and consultants attract quality clients (their ideal ones), and how to have a conversation to inspire people to invest in their programs.

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Erica is the CEO of Happy Publishing, a master of happiness and creative expression and a number-one best selling international author 18 times over!

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Ray Wood is the Founder and CEO of Bestagents Real Estate Group, based in Sydney, Australia, and Bestagents Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. Ray is also the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of LockedOn Interactive PL real estate software, as well as hosting his own podcast, Top Agents Playbook.

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Dr. Michael J. Marx is a business and life coach for people who want to experience a new direction. He’s an instructor, speaker and the author of Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches.

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